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The Truth About The Dreaded Double Chin

A double chin is probably the single most annoying thing in life, closely followed by public transport delays and pigeons. It seems to just slowly grow day by day, creep into every photo you take and never disappear no matter how many neck stretches you do or juice cleanses you embark on.

Where did it come from? Why won’t it leave? What can I do to make it go away? Well now we have some answers... To put it simply, a double chin is the appearance of a second chin that nobody asked for or needs. It’s a roll of excess fat between your original chin and your neck that hangs around like a party crasher - uninvited and unwelcome. It can be caused by three things:

  1. The natural ageing process which, sorry guys but, is kind of unavoidable; hence, the word ‘natural'
  2. Weight fluctuation which is usually the main factor
  3. Genetics. Maybe a little weight gain falls straight to your face because of your family genes, so basically blame your ancestors
In all three cases, a double chin is really hard to get rid of because once the skin has been stretched it loses elasticity especially in that area of your body. Unlike your stomach or thighs which bear much thicker skin and have a little more ability to tighten back up quite quickly, the neck/chin area is made up of thin skin and a different type of collagen.

Now, what we are all really here for, how can you actually get rid of this ghastly double chin that mocks you in the mirror every day?.

Well you’ve probably heard all about chin and neck exercises that you can do every day for five minutes to tone up that area of the body. Some simple stretches promise to make all the difference and rid you of any sign of a double chin within a matter of weeks. Do they really work? I haven’t personally tried them but I have read many personal accounts online about people who have and did see real, noticeable change. I guess it doesn’t hurt to try. Heck, you can do these sorts of workouts at your desk or even on your morning commute. You may look a bit silly, but you’ll have the last laugh when your jawline is as chiseled as a stone carving.

It has even been suggested that chewing some sugar free gum a few times a week can help with your double chin battle too. The constant working of your jaw keeps the muscles active - like a little chewing gum work out for your mouth - and helps make it more toned over time.

You can, of course, always turn to cosmetic surgery for a quick fix...if not a pricey one too. It’s not a decision to make lightly as face lifts and botox do have risks and can be quite long and painful procedures. Plus, you never know what you are going to walk out of the doctor’s office looking like and there is no guarantee that it will get rid of your double chin.

Of course, if you know your double chin is a result of weight gain then changing your diet and workout plan will help aid the reduction of a double chin. It’s been said that Vitamin E can help with double chins, and it can be found in foods such as apples, liver, brown rice and some dairy products. It can be a very tough and drawn out process but it has all round results as it not only gets rid of excess face fat, but it leaves you looking slimmer in all areas, feeling fitter and generally a lot healthier.

But there is also a new affordable and pain-free alternative which takes just 30 minutes and sees instant results. ChinUp Mask is a firming and contouring face mask that can reduce the appearance of a double whilst lifting and tightening the skin around the neck and chin area. Tests and trials showed that a 30-40 minute treatment can see you lose 2cm+ from your chin. The intricately formulated face mask uses four key active ingredients including their very own patented Skintronics which converts the fat cells into stabilised fibrous tissue.

Though results are temporary (lasts between 3-5 days) using the mask frequently can see improved results over time, and all it takes is half an hour of pampering and a few quid. So there you have it. The double chin that greets you in your face-fronting camera from time to time is a little more complicated than it probably seems and takes a little work to get rid of. But, it’s existence may not be all your fault - so there’s that.