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The Five Minute Miracle Massage

In five minutes you can brush your teeth or make a cup of tea or iron a shirt for work. But did you know that in that same amount of time you can get younger looking and healthier skin by doing one simple act every day! A neck massage may not sound like a miraculous skincare tip but it has a long list of benefits and with no cost attached at all. The overall purpose of a neck massage is to increase blood circulation to the face which, in turn, improves your complexion, increases collagen and helps carry waste products (such as free radicals) from working cells. Think of it as cleansing your skin but from the inside. ChinUp Mask works on the neck area, as well as the jawline and chin, so it’s the perfect start to a thorough skincare routine. The mask provides concentrated moisture and hydration to the neck area, a part of the body often neglected in beauty regimes, whilst it is being used. Then, once it’s removed, you’ll find that there is excess cream left on the skin which needs to be massaged into the neck area. This is an after care tip that we encourage any ChinUp Mask users to do every day regardless of when you actually use the mask. A good old neck massage is key to a thorough and effective beauty routine because, as we mentioned in our 'Beauty Epidemic' blog post, it's an area of the body that is often forgotten in skincare - I mean, when was the last time you moisturised your neck? So, here's a quick and easy massage that you can start doing first thing in the morning, last thing at night or after using ChinUp Mask. Neck Massage 1 Start by using your index and middle fingers to massage your neck in a circular motion applying a steady amount of pressure. Then, using those same fingers, make small circular motions between your lips and chin with slightly less pressure. Next, sweep your hand from left to right on your neck under your ears to increase the blood flow in those areas and really get all that cream absorbed into the skin. screenshot_2016-11-23_11-1 With your fingers on the side of your head, press your thumb along your chin and jawline moving from the centre back towards your ears. Then, using all four fingers, push up from the base of your neck towards your face using the amount of pressure you see fit. Finally, but most importantly, use the back of your hands to massage the neck upwards, along the jawline and to the back of your ears. This will help with lymphatic drainage which is basically the removal of all toxins from the lymph. So there you have it! By investing just five minutes every day into massaging your neck, you can visibly improve the overall appearance of your skin.