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The Beauty Epidemic | Neglecting Your Neck

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, ‘My neck is not looking great today?' Probably not because, let’s be honest, who really pays attention to their neck until it’s too late. We take it for granted, but the truth is your neck is prone to wear and tear even more than your face because it’s made up of thinner skin and a different collagen content. This means it’s really important to start looking after your neck from a young age because it is one of the most vulnerable places on your body when it comes to signs of ageing. The obvious, but still key, first step to taking better care of your neck is to moisturise it on a regular basis. You moisturise your face every day (well, you should be) and cream your body every time you shower but the neck is one area that’s often forgotten, especially when we’re in a hurry. Try consciously adding it into your facial skin care routine every night or morning and it will soon become second nature and you’ll notice the benefits in a matter of days. [caption id="attachment_2486" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Don't forget your neck! Don't forget your neck![/caption] This is also the case when it comes to lapping on that sun tan lotion. Don’t forget to apply some to your neck which is pretty much always exposed to the sun (unless you’re leaving the house in turtle necks every day) and can easily adopt signs of skin damage. Did you also know that spritzing too much perfume onto your neck dries your skin and can aid in the cause of wrinkles. A little dab here and there won’t do much harm but if you’re going to town with it every day you will begin to notice the damaging effects. So maybe just stick to spraying it on your wrists and dabbing some behind your ears from now on instead. It doesn’t hurt to exercise your neck every once in awhile too as it needs strengthening and toning just like the other muscles in your body. Some simple five minutes stretches every day can really make all the difference and they can be done first thing in the morning, before bed or even sat at your office desk at work. So there is really no excuse not to be working out those neck muscles. hero-mask Of course, I’ve got to mention ChinUp Mask! This 30 minute face mask is made specifically for the lower half of the face so it releases a concentrated boost of intense hydration to the neck area. If you’re using ChinUp Mask every other day or two/three times a week as advised then you’ll be paying more than enough attention to your neck and you will help slow down the ageing process on that area of your face. Don’t be that person who treats the problem rather than the cause and only takes action once it’s too late. Get on top of your neck and it will keep you looking ten years younger for years.