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Spending The Day With Bloggers || Blogger's Ball

ChinUp Mask has garnered a lot of attention amongst the blogging community, especially the beauty and fashion bloggers in the UK, so when we heard about the Blogger's Ball taking place in London we knew that we needed to be there. There was a huge buzz about the event amongst bloggers on social media using #bloggersball to share their excitement and outfit choices for the big day. Scarlett London, the blogger who organised this brilliant event, welcomed us into the fold as a last minute addition and sent us a list of over 250 bloggers who would be attending on the day, some of which had already reviewed ChinUp Mask. Great start! The event itself was at the well-known DSTRKT club in Piccadilly Circus and the venue turned out to be the perfect choice. The club is beautiful and the space worked surprisingly well for an event of this nature. There was a club area with seating and a bar then a separate room where the brands could set up their stands and chat with the bloggers. We arrived three hours before the doors opened to set up our booth area and network with some of the other brands. We even managed to get a ChinUp treatment on Beth from Blogosphere Magazine before the event began and she lost 2cms from her chin and was amazed with the results!


Once the bloggers started arriving, it wasn’t long before the room was filled with well-dressed ladies (and a few guys) and many started to flock to our stand. We received a lot of attention from those who hadn’t heard of ChinUp Mask and a few who had and couldn’t wait to give it a go. The general reaction upon seeing our stand and being told that it’s a thirty minute non-surgical face lift was disbelief, excitement and curiosity. Every single person who approached the ChinUp Mask stand shared their need for a product like this, and their genuine eagerness to go home and try it out. As we chatted to hundreds of bloggers, telling them a bit about the product, giving out samples, showing them before and after pictures (which left many speechless), the time flew by and the end of the day rolled around. We were literally down to our last half a dozen ChinUp Masks and we had completely ran out of leaflets as the interest in our product was unexpectedly huge. So we packed up our stand and headed back to Birmingham after what can only be described as an exhausting but successful day. Within hours of the event, we received Instagram posts and tweets from some of the bloggers who attended and had already tried their mask. They were loving their results and I am sure we will see quite a few reviews in the coming weeks. Blogger Tweets