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So Feminine Share Their ChinUp Mask Experience

The popular online platform for women, So Feminine, just shared a review of ChinUp Mask on their site titled 'We Tried The ChinUp Mask To See If It Really Banishes Your Double Chin Troubles'. In the hilarious article, writer Pascale Day documents her 30 minute ChinUp treatment from the application of the mask to the big results reveal at the end. She starts by explaining exactly why a non-surgical face lift appeals to her "when I relax into a sofa, it's like my chin has punched its timesheet and checked out for the day" - so, Pascale is clearly not a big fan of her chin.

Pascale Day wearing her ChinUp Mask

The article continues on with even more funny and relatable comments such as "if it's between having a Johnny Bravo chin or a Bob Beltcher one, we're all going to pick the Bravo" and "next, you put on the slimming band, which makes you look like a right tw*t". It's safe to say that Pascale is blunt and honest in her review as well as extremely amusing. Not to spoil the ending for you or anything, but Pascale was very impressed with the ChinUp MaskĀ and even closed the piece by stating that she would "definitely use it again". She also shared a brilliant before and after picture that really captures her newly defined jawline and slimmer chin. It's definitely worth taking a look at this article if you have yet to try the product and you're feeling a bit skeptical. Have a read here