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Seven Cosmeceutical Skincare Brands You Need In Your Life

“What is a cosmeceutical?” I hear you ask. Well the word itself was formed by merging the words ‘cosmetics’ and ‘pharmaceuticals’ so, logically, a cosmeceutical is a cosmetic product that has biologically active ingredients which have medical or drug-like benefits. Now, there are many products on the market that claim to be cosmeceuticals and, as this is not a legal term, it can be used as a marketing tool even if it isn’t quite true. In my opinion, real cosmeceuticals should have clinically proven results before they can start using the term to describe their product. So, before you start getting sucked in by false claims and half-true statements, there are some clues to look out for when deciding whether a product is a cosmeceutical or just claiming to be one. For example, the ingredients you would typically find in a cosmeceutical are antioxidants like Vitamin E or Q10 CoEnzyme, Lactic or Salicylic Acids and Retinol. Keep an eye out for these and you might be onto a winner. But, to make things even easier, I have compiled a list of the seven best skincare brands that are true cosmeceuticals…



Any brand that uses the term ‘stem cell innovation’ to talk about their skincare products gets a thumbs up in my book. This lesser known brand describes their range as a skin journey that starts by restoring and balancing all skin and promises to deliver ‘stunning, long-term results’. They have products for sensitive skin, ageing skin or, even more specifically, to combat acne - so you are sure to find something for your needs.

ChinUp Mask


Unlike the other products on this list, ChinUp Mask is not a cream or serum in a tub or bottle that primarily works on reducing fine lines or tackling skin problems. Instead, this face mask is all about reducing the appearance of a double chin whilst offering additional benefits such as hydrating the skin and strengthening the cells. With before and after pictures that speak for themselves, there is no denying the visible results that this product provides in just 30 minutes.

Alpha H


This Australian skincare brand delivers on all of its promises when it comes to fast and visible results. It uses a concentrated and balanced combination of potent cosmeceutical and natural ingredients which are supported with scientific evidence. If you’re looking for fast, easy and truly effective skincare results then look no further than Alpha H.



Their brand introduction opens with ‘a results driven medical grade skincare range formulated and clinically tested by our U.S board certified dermatologists to deliver you high performance skincare with clinically proven-effective results.’ This is the perfect definition of a cosmeceutical. Skinova are a go to skincare brand that’s both affordable and extremely effective in all areas including more niche concerns such as rosacea.



Being that this brand was founded by Dr. Murad, a certified dermatologist and trained pharmacist, it already has a leg up on the cosmeceutical industry. With quite a few beauty awards and rave reviews under their belt, it’s obvious that the broad range of Murad products are a brilliant solution to each and every of your skin problems from blemishes to dull skin.

Bio Effect


This brand, by far, has the most intricate creation story that, alone, provides a lot of insight into how their cosmeceuticals work. Their research into EGF cellular activator earned them a Nobel Prize in Medicine and their discovery of the benefits of plant based skincare has made them real industry innovators in their country of Iceland.

Synergie Skin


Possibly the least known brand on this list, Synergie Skin was founded by Terri Vinson - one of the most highly qualified professionals in the cosmetic science industry. The brand prides itself on being cruelty free and completely void of any potentially harmful ingredients. It works in three simple steps that every skincare product should abide by: protect the skin, improve the skin and nurture the skin. Sounds like a winning formulae to me.