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Get A ChinUp Mask Treatment In Your Local Salon?

What could be better than popping into your local salon for your fortnightly nail appointment and finding out that you could get a ChinUp Mask treatment at the same time?! Hopefully, you can't think of any better news than that and it may well be a reality for most of you living in the UK. Over the last ten months, ChinUp Mask has been working with salons across the West Midlands and some other areas of the UK to make the product accessible to all those who want it. We have reached out to hundreds of hair and beauty salons and can happily say that ChinUp Mask is now available as a treatment in over 100 salons.


This includes Toni and Guy in Sloane Square, London; the salon in which Toni himself works! These salons have all opted to supply ChinUp Mask treatments for quite a few reasons but the one most convincing factor has been the results. We personally visit the salon and provide the owner or a staff member with a free treatment and, after experiencing it for themselves and witnessing the results, we've found that salon owners LOVE this innovative firming and contouring face mask and can't wait to get their hands on it and offer it to their customers. So, if you fancy getting yourself a slimmer chin with no surgery or injections whilst you treat yourself to a pedicure then ask your local salon if they offer ChinUp Mask treatments. If they say no, then direct them to our site ;)