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Don't Forget Your Skin This Party Season!

Party season is well and truly underway with the Christmas office parties and New Year's Eve night out all approaching. You don't just want to look your best for your nights on the town; you want to know that you'll still look good the next morning! So make sure you keep on top of your skincare routine, even more so than usual, to avoid any break outs or other skin problems during the festive period.

Pre-Party Prep

Before you even get ready for your big night out, show your skin some love with a little pamper session preparation. A gentle face mask can go a long way the night before any special occasion and, as long as you opt for the right kind, it will de-stress your skin and clean out those pores for a smoother finish to your foundation. It's also important to remember to prime your skin before applying light or heavy makeup, and not just to keep your makeup from slowly sliding down your face. Primer is the best way to prepare your skin for the application of products whether is eyelid primer or face primer, make sure you dab that on to protect your skin. Last but not least when it comes to prepping, your lips need some love too and one of the best ways to do that is to apply chapstick before any lip product. This will keep your lips hydrated and help you avoid those annoying cracked lips that often appear in winter.

Post Party Pamper

Woman removing makeup

Even more importantly than the pre-party preparation is the post party pampering that should take place.

It starts with remembering to remove your makeup before you hit your pillow, and not just with a quick face wipe. You should always use a cleanser and warm water too as a face wipe only removes 60% of the actual makeup and dirt from your face. They can also leave chemical residue and actually dry out your skin if not followed by a proper face wash.

Follow this thorough face wash with a night-time moisturiser or serum that will work on those pores and the deeper layers of skin whilst you sleep. Another thing to bare in mind over the party period is that you need to keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water as you'll most probably be drinking more alcohol than usual this month. So have a glass before you go to bed after a night out, and follow that up with a couple of litres the next day!