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Do You Have A Tech Neck?

Earlier this week, Telegraph featured ChinUp Mask in their online beauty section in an article titled 'Bonkers Beauty Buys You Never Realised You Needed'. In the piece, when describing ChinUp, they discuss this idea that a product aimed at reducing sagging jowls and wrinkly skin around the neck and chin is absolutely necessary in a society addicted to their phones. This got us to thinking. Is the increase in the number of people worrying about the loose skin around that area of the face in any way connected to the fact that we are a digital age? You may have heard the term 'tech neck' thrown around before and wondered exactly what it means. In the Telegraph's online article they explain that "we apply an excess pressure of up to 50 pounds on muscle and bones, which are only meant to support a mere 12 pounds, from always looking down or straining to look at a computer screen". This has seemingly seen an increase in the number of us suffering from sagging jowls as well as chronic headaches, shoulder and neck pain and curvature of the spine. Our posture is getting worse and our bodies are starting to adapt to this technology driven way of life - and most of us probably don't even realise this until it's too late! But we can change this! With the average person spending 3.6 hours a day on their phone, on top of hours spent on tablets and other devices, we are rapidly becoming digital addicts. The easiest and best way to tackle this 'tech neck' is to cut down on phone time even if it's just by an hour a day. Try to maybe limit it to your commute to and from work when possible, and I find that using it whilst in bed or in a comfortable position, lessens the amount of time you are looking down at your phone.

But sometimes sitting in front of a screen is unavoidable, especially if it's part of your job. You can find yourself at a computer screen for anywhere from six to eight hours a day - and that's not even including any time spent on a laptop at home. So, make sure you take note of your posture when sat at your work desk and do whatever you can to adjust it so that you are sat upright rather than hunched over. Most importantly, work on your neck however and whenever possible. This could be a neck massage like the one we posted about last year, neck and back exercises or even a using appropriate products like ChinUp Mask. Showing your neck, an area often neglected, a little attention every day can help avoid (or decrease if it's already an issue) the 'tech neck' syndrome that seems to be sweeping this generation. So, from now on, Keep Your Chin Up!