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ChinUp Mask Spotted in Stylist Magazine

Once again, ChinUp Mask has landed a spot in one of the UK's top women's magazines and can add another press snippet to its ever-growing collection. Stylist Magazine have included the 30 minute non-surgical face lift in their 'Beauty Intelligence' section - a page where "Stylist selects the news, formulas and trends to boost your beauty IQ." ChinUp Mask is mentioned in a segment regarding the issue millennial and 30 something's face thanks to technology.  Stylist label it the 'Tech Neck' and explain that this is the prominent sagging jowls and increased lines across the decolletage caused by repeatedly looking downwards at our phones.

ChinUp Mask in Stylist Magazine

They list ChinUp Mask as a beauty product solution to this damage and describe it as offering "an impressive lift to the jowls". This is yet another great development for the revolutionary face mask as Stylist Magazine reaches approximately half a million people a week. At this rate, we will have appeared in every UK publication by the end of the year!