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Are You Cleaning Your Face Properly?

It may seem like a very straightforward and simple question, but statistics show that about 80% of women don't wash their face properly. We all know that using a makeup remover wipe then splashing some water on your face is not essentially going to remove all of the makeup and dirt that has accumulated over the day. So what should you be doing to make sure your face is being cleaned properly? It's very important to note how frequently you should be washing your face. It's essential to wash it at night after removing your makeup; however, if possible, you should try to wash it in the morning too - maybe not the full routine below, but do at least splash it with water and apply a moisturiser. But for your nightly wash, you must always be thorough. First you need to remove the majority of your makeup with a wipe or a micellar water. The best ones to use are those that contain natural oils and aren't too harsh on your skin - Simple and Garnier are known for making great makeup removing products. Next, wash your face with lukewarm water rather than cold water or even hot water. If the water is too hot it can be drying on the skin and cold water doesn't loosen and lift the dirt from your pores as effectively as lukewarm water.  

You then want to apply a cream cleanser to hydrate and deeply clean your skin. The best way to apply is to rub the cleanser into your skin in a circular motion (to get the cleanser deep into the layers of skin) and focus on the 'dirtier' areas. This will vary person to person but, for most, it's the T-Zone where most oil is produced, and the hairline where we sweat the most. It's also important to find the cleanser that works best for you and your skin, even if that means applying two or three different types if, like most, you have varying skin types throughout your face. It's best to spend around 30 seconds to a minute just massaging the cleanser into your skin before you rinse it all off. Once the soap and lather has all been washed off thoroughly with lukewarm water, pat dry with a towel rather than rubbing to avoid irritating and stretching the skin. And it's that simple and takes no more than five minutes! The correct way to clean your face, reduce those pores and keep your skin young and healthy.