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What Does Your Chin Say About You?

We always tend to get told what our star sign says about the month we’re going to have or what your body shape means you should wear, but what about what your chin says about your personality? Now, I am no scientist, but surely there must be something in a chin and the way its shape relates to some characteristics and traits in humans. After all, studies, such as the pseudoscience ‘Phrenology’, have shown that there could be a link between the shape of your skull and your personality.

The Truth About The Dreaded Double Chin

A double chin is probably the single most annoying thing in life, closely followed by public transport delays and pigeons. It seems to just slowly grow day by day, creep into every photo you take and never disappear no matter how many neck stretches you do or juice cleanses you embark on.

Where did it come from? Why won’t it leave? What can I do to make it go away? Well now we have some answers...

Do You Have A Tech Neck?

Earlier this week, Telegraph featured ChinUp Mask in their online beauty section in an article titled 'Bonkers Beauty Buys You Never Realised You Needed'. In the piece, when describing ChinUp, they discuss this idea that a product aimed at reducing sagging jowls and wrinkly skin around the neck and chin is absolutely necessary in a society addicted to their phones. This got us to thinking. Is the increase in the number of people worrying about the loose skin around that area of the face in any way connected to the fact that we are a digital age?

Are You Cleaning Your Face Properly?

It may seem like a very straightforward and simple question, but statistics show that about 80% of women don't wash their face properly. We all know that using a makeup remover wipe then splashing some water on your face is not essentially going to remove all of the makeup and dirt that has accumulated over the day. So what should you be doing to make sure your face is being cleaned properly?

Women's Own Choose ChinUp!

Women's Own is a weekly magazine for women over 40 who want inspiring and emotional real-life stories plus fashion and beauty advice mixed with some celebrity gossip, all in one place.

Little Things You Can Do To Improve Your Natural Beauty in 2017

Another year has gone by and we are entering into a new beginning and, as many people like to say, new year means new you. But why not just aim to be a better you - it's far more acheivable and doesn't require a personality transplant.

One of the things you could focus on in 2017 is enhancing your natural beauty and being a better version of yourself without chemicals, makeup or plastic surgery. That means embracing your skin, detoxing your body and finding ways to cleanse your mind too...

A Look Back At 2016

ChinUp Mask was born over a year ago but 2016 has officially been the induction year of the product.

Seven Cosmeceutical Skincare Brands You Need In Your Life

“What is a cosmeceutical?” I hear you ask. Well the word itself was formed by merging the words ‘cosmetics’ and ‘pharmaceuticals’ so, logically, a cosmeceutical is a cosmetic product that has biologically active ingredients which have medical or drug-like benefits. Now, there are many products on the market that claim to be cosmeceuticals and, as this is not a legal term, it can be used as a marketing tool even if it isn’t quite true.

Don't Forget Your Skin This Party Season!

Party season is well and truly underway with the Christmas office parties and New Year's Eve night out all approaching. You don't just want to look your best for your nights on the town; you want to know that you'll still look good the next morning! So make sure you keep on top of your skincare routine, even more so than usual, to avoid any break outs or other skin problems during the festive period.

ChinUp Mask Spotted in Stylist Magazine

Once again, ChinUp Mask has landed a spot in one of the UK's top women's magazines and can add another press snippet to its ever-growing collection.

Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Ever wondered why the rich and famous always look so good, even without Instagram filters and make-up artists at their beck and call. Well, we have uncovered some of the biggest beauty secrets that the stars have been trying to hide from us mere mortals…

A HUGE Giveaway With Eylure!

For the final giveaway of 2016, we have teamed up with the fabulous beauty brand Eylure to offer you over £200 worth of cosmetic products that will see you through Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, birthdays etc.